Miramar Search Partners
A Leading Global Search Fund Investor

Traditional Search Fund Investors

Miramar Search Partners is a Dallas search fund investor and part of the Miramar Equity Partners family. We partner with searchers to help them acquire and operate small businesses.

How Miramar Search Partners Can Help


Seek to partner with entrepreneurs, or pairs of entrepreneurs, who are self-starters and passionate about finding high-quality businesses to manage and grow.


Welcome the opportunity to partner with other search fund investors and family offices and typically prefer stakes representing a 15-25% interest in traditional search funds. We are welcome to filling board seats when our experience can be value-add or our capital is a relatively large portion of the total equity account.


We target an average equity commitment size of $2.5mm, but we will consider a typical range of $0.5mm-$5.0mm per investment. We have the ability to plug equity gaps as high as $25mm+ (typically with a more active role).

How We're Different

Deal Flow

Because we have a team dedicated to middle-market direct investing, we can share deal flow that is a better fit for search funds due to factors such as size or seller goals. Our team also has extensive experience in building investment theses and sourcing proprietary deals directly from business owners.


We have readily available and patient family capital that allows us to both move quickly and invest for the long-term.


Our team has decades of experience across all three activities that matter most to searchers: (1) looking for comapanies to buy, (2) executing a transaction, and (3) operating businesses.